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What are the advantages of cold rolled ribbed hexagonal steel fabric in use

The application of hexagonal reinforcement is also quite extensive, which can be used for the laying of bridge deck and the reinforcement of building wall, cold drawn smooth round steel mesh, and can also be used in the fields of tunnel lining, box culvert, wharf floor, prefabricated components, etc. It plays an important role in these areas.

Advantages of hexagonal reinforcement

  1. The design value of tensile strength of cold-rolled ribbed steel mesh is increased from 210mpa to 360MPa of grade I reinforcement. According to the principle of equal strength substitution, if grade I reinforcement is replaced by cold-rolled ribbed steel mesh, 42% reinforcement can be saved theoretically. If the reinforcement ratio and structural requirements are considered, about 30% of steel can be saved. In terms of cost, the savings are considerable.
  2. By using cold rolled ribbed steel mesh instead of hand binding steel bar, various processes such as straightening, cutting, hook and manual binding of steel bar are reduced, and a lot of human resources and construction period are saved. The steel mesh is produced in the factory and can be immediately hoisted and laid after being transported to the construction site, which is convenient and fast and greatly improves the construction speed.
  3. Construction safety traditional binding reinforcement, not only requires cumbersome binding and paving, but also in the construction process, because of the high-altitude operation, it is easy to happen accidents such as workers falling from high altitude. The safety performance is very low. Now the steel mesh has been welded in advance and can be directly used for pavement. The equipment can be directly lifted and placed. The safety of construction is greatly improved. Moreover, the welded steel mesh is also more robust and durable, so it is not easy to cause the problem of reinforcement scattering.
  4. In order to ensure the construction quality, the traditional binding reinforcement has to rely on manual placement, resulting in a large error in the spacing of the reinforcement, and the binding is not firm. There is no practical force transmission connection between the longitudinal and horizontal reinforcement in the construction. The Ji’an reinforcement mesh only has a single steel bar bearing the gravity, which is easy to be trampled and deformed in the construction process, so as to reduce the bearing capacity of the components. The welded steel mesh is mechanized production, which can ensure the accurate spacing of steel bars. Resistance welding technology is used to weld the longitudinal and transverse reinforcement into a net to form a structural whole. In the component stress is that the force is transmitted and diffused evenly through the solder joint, so as to achieve the overall stress. Due to the high overall strength of the welded steel mesh, the artificial deformation in the construction is reduced. Due to the uniform stress transmission, the crack resistance of the structure can be greatly improved.
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