A stainless steel hollow bar is basically a bar having an internal hollow space running along its entire length. Stainless Steel Hollow Bar Sizes offer excellent versatility, as each bar can be manufactured to a variety of diameters and lengths and shapes. In fact, increasing machining time can significantly increase production or lowering machining costs, thereby increasing overall profitability.

The diameter of each bar in the welded line is typically measured in thousandths of an inch. Since the bar itself is hollow, it can be precisely made to order and fabricated to any size that will suit the needs of a specific application. As previously stated, each bar can be precisely machined and drilled to various diameters for precise welding. This also makes them a great alternative to traditional welding. Furthermore, as compared to other metal bar sizes, these bar sizes are less subject to heat dissipation and the likelihood of internal corrosion.

In the industry, there are three main types of welded stainless steel hollow bar sizes: full welded, half welded, and tig welding. These types of stainless steel hollow bar weights will differ slightly in terms of their construction and characteristics. Full welded stainless steel hollow bars require the use of a dedicated welding machine and additional welding equipment to fabricate them. Full welded hollow bars are generally manufactured from either aluminum or steel.

Full Welded Hollow Bar Sizes:

Full welded hollow bar weights are those that are fully constructed and ready to be welded. The major advantage of full welded hollow bars is their superior performance with reduced weld times and cost-effectiveness. Additionally, they are more resistant to corrosion.

Half Welded Hollow Bar Sizes:

Half welded hollow bar weights are those that are half-welded. They have the disadvantage of requiring the use of an additional welding machine and other weld equipment. However, they are capable of performing to a higher degree than full welded bar weights and they are less susceptible to corrosion.

TIG Welded Hollow Bar Sizes:

TIG welded hollow bar weights are the least common and least expensive types of stainless steel hollow bar weights. The only welding machine needed to produce tig welded hollow bar weights is one to two hours is typically enough time to complete all required welding operations. TIG welded hollow bar weights are the most flexible in terms of design, since the welded areas are produced on a tig setting.

The disadvantage of using a TIG welded stainless steel hollow bar weight is that they are not as versatile as full welded bar weights, since the welded areas are not welded in a completely straight line and cannot be welded back together. For example, half-welded bar weights can be manufactured from different sizes, including tig welded and half welded, but are not produced to the exact dimensions that would make it possible to weld them back together.

The disadvantages of using a TIG welded bar weight include the need to purchase additional welders, an increased cost of labor, and greater time and expense required in welding. Additionally, because the welded areas are produced on a tig setting, a more complex surface is formed at the point where the weld is joined. Additionally, a tig setting creates an uneven weld pattern that can adversely affect the performance of the welds.

The advantages of using a stainless steel hollow bar weight include the ease of fabrication, portability and low cost. These benefits make it an attractive choice for many welders. The greatest benefit to using a TIG welded bar weight is its ability to be fabricated by welders who are inexperienced. Additionally, tig welded hollow bars provide better weld efficiency and the ability to create uniform, smooth welded areas with minimum distortion.

The drawbacks to using a stainless steel hollow bar weight include the fact that they require a relatively larger amount of weld pressure and require special welding equipment such as a weld gun to weld them. Also, tig welded hollow bars are not as versatile in terms of design. Because they are not welded at a consistent angle, they will tend to form uneven welded areas and may cause poor weld efficiency and weld separation.

In conclusion, tig welded hollow bar weights offer welders the versatility and ease of fabrication that are necessary for small to medium-sized applications, while providing the lowest cost for larger welded bar weights. Additionally, they offer a lower weld cost than full welded stainless steel hollow bar weights, which may not be suitable for larger welded jobs. Due to the increased expense and time involved in producing a TIG welded bar weight, it may be more suitable for larger projects.