Buying Bulk Copper & Silver Is Easy

When buying copper pennies in bulk you’re likely buying copper wire in bulk too. And there are increasingly nontoxic rounds of ammunition available for hunters to select from. Al Lutkevich switched over to copper-free ammo in his hand-loading deer hunting ammo last year. While still a bit more costly than regular lead-free ammo, after twenty-eight months the cost was negligible when weighed against the extra money saved on the cost of regular bucks. And while buying copper wire in bulk is a bit more costly than buying copper rounds in standard lead-free, the savings eventually become less noticeable over time.

For those who enjoy collecting antique coins or bars you’ve probably heard of the new trend of “coloured coins”. These are actually rolled copper rounds colored copper to make them appear to have more gold, silver or platinum in their construction. So the market for copper coins has soared but with the price having been priced relatively correctly, it hasn’t been nearly as hard for collectors to find them. And now coin dealers are starting to offer a range of coloured copper coins in both regular silver and gold; meaning the coin buyers have a choice beyond being limited to gold and silver.

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