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Replace Your Royal Enfield Oil Filter in the Right Way

If you are using a bike for long duration then definitely you would be requiring a good and durable Motorcycle Oil Filter. The Motorcycle Oil Filter ensures that the chain is free from dust, Clogging and helps in the proper functioning of the bike. It also protects the engine parts. The performance of the bike improves when you use a good Oil Filter.

The first thing which is to be done before using the Royal Enfield Oil Filter is to clean it properly. Cleaning an Oil Filter is very important because it removes all the contaminants from the oil which can harm the bike’s performance. Before cleaning the Motorcycle Oil Filter you should always make sure that you remove all the accessories like the chain cover, front light bulbs, dashboard pad, seat pad and spare tyre. Use a clean paper towel to wipe it properly then use your engine oil to soak the paper towel and put it over the motor oil.

Then use the softest of cloth to clean the front and back of the Oil Filter o-ring and then place it inside your motorcycle. This is a very easy procedure to follow. Just ensure that you do not leave any paper towels or other items like hair bands on the front seat. You can even use your seat pad to clean the oil filter. After cleaning the o-ring and putting a new oil filter o-ring, you should change the filter.

You should remove both the front and rear shocks and loosen the eight bolts in the process. Then you should loosen the nuts of the front suspension. The reason for this is to eliminate the slop which occurs while you are driving. If you want to know how to replace the Royal Enfield Oil Filter on the 350cc engine then it is very important. In order to remove all the screws and bolts, you should use the 8-mm wrench.

The first step is to remove the oil filter from the bike then remove all the bolts holding it in place. After removing the o-ring you should take the new o-ring and place it on the front suspension by loosening the eight bolts. Make sure that the o-ring is completely snug on the front suspension. After ensuring that it is in place you should place the new oil filter bolts on the sides of the new o-ring.

The next step is to remove the oil pickup screen from its place. You should do this by loosening the five bolts holding the screen in place. After loosening it you should remove the whole screen from the bike then remove the old one and place the new one. You should reinstall the top and bottom oil pickup screen. The final step is to attach the front drain plug and tighten the nut.

In case of any trouble you should consult your owner’s manual. If there is any doubt about any of the steps provided here then you should immediately seek professional help. Before starting the job you should make sure that the rear suspension is disconnected from the engine. If not then you should attach the rear end of the chain drive and proceed with the replacement of the oil filter and the replacement of the oil pickup screen.

It is a good idea to make a check on the level of the new oil drain plug before starting the job. You should tighten it using the appropriate wrench so that you can avoid leaking. After ensuring that both parts are properly secured you should remove the front cover of the engine. You should then locate the screw that holds the oil pickup screen in place and turn it in clockwise.

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