Mechanical Terminology Popularization

Mechanical Terminology Popularization

Machinery is a tool device that can help people reduce the difficulty of work or save effort. Items such as chopsticks, brooms, and tweezers can all be called machinery. They are simple machinery. The complex machinery is composed of two or more simple machinery. These more complicated machines are usually called machines. From the point of view of structure and movement, there is no difference between mechanism and machine, which is generally called machine.

Main features of machinery

Machinery is a combination of artificial physical components. There is a certain relative movement between the parts of the machine. In addition to the features of a mechanism, a machine must also have a third feature that can replace human labor to complete useful mechanical work or convert mechanical energy, so the machine can convert mechanical energy or complete useful mechanical work. From the point of view of structure and movement, there is no difference between mechanism and machine.

Main classification of machinery

There are many types of machinery, which can be divided into various categories according to several different aspects, such as: according to function, it can be divided into power machinery, material handling machinery, crushing machinery, etc.; according to the service industry can be divided into agricultural machinery, mining machinery, textile machinery, Packaging machinery, etc.; according to the working principle can be divided into thermal machinery, fluid machinery, bionic machinery, etc.

The main products of the machinery industry include the following 12 categories:

Agricultural machinery: tractors, planters, harvesting machinery, etc.;

Heavy mining machinery: metallurgical machinery, mining machinery, hoisting machinery, loading and unloading machinery, industrial and mining vehicles, cement equipment, etc.;

Construction machinery: forklifts, shoveling and transporting machinery, compaction machinery, concrete machinery, etc.;

General petrochemical machinery: petroleum drilling machinery, oil refining machinery, chemical machinery, pumps, fans, valves, gas compressors, refrigeration and air conditioning machinery, paper machinery, printing machinery, plastic processing machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, etc.;

Electrical machinery: power generation machinery, transformers, high and low voltage switches, wires and cables, batteries, electric welding machines, household appliances, etc.;

Machine tools: metal cutting machine tools, forging machinery, foundry machinery, woodworking machinery, etc.;

Cars: trucks, highway buses, cars, modified cars, motorcycles, etc.;

Instrumentation: automatic instrumentation, electrical instrumentation, optical instrument, composition analyzer, automobile instrumentation, electrical equipment, audio-visual equipment, camera, etc.;

Basic machinery: bearings, hydraulic parts, seals, powder metallurgy products, standard fasteners, industrial chains, gears, molds, etc.;

Packaging machinery: packaging machines, cartoners, conveyors, etc.;

Environmental protection machinery: water pollution control equipment, air pollution control equipment, solid waste treatment equipment, etc.;

Mining machinery: rock splitting machine, capping machine, etc.

Construction machinery refers to the general term for construction machinery used in engineering construction. It is widely used in construction, water conservancy, electric power, roads, mines, ports and national defense, and other engineering fields.

Machinery development trend

Facing the globalization of the economy and the market, the fierce competition, the individualization and facilitation of demand, the diversification of relevant stakeholders, and the rapid development of science and technology, this requires humanistic care and sustainable development to become the concept of technological innovation in the industry. As an extension of human ability, it has been developing together with the progress of human civilization.

With the advancement of science and technology, mankind’s continuous pursuit of quality of life and emphasis on dignity have raised many new issues for the development of construction machinery. The construction machinery industry conforms to the demand, attaches importance to strengthening the integration and integration between microelectronic technology, information technology, optoelectronic technology, new material technology, and mechanical manufacturing technology, and promotes the research and innovation of products in the fields of diversification, intelligence, and green.

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