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6150 alloy steel

Benefits of Caring For 6150 Alloy Steel

The question of which is better for a hardening element in a high carbon steel bar, versus a sheet metal bar, or an alloy steel bar, has been debated for decades. However, with new technology and recent innovations it may be possible to answer differently.
hollow bars

Choosing hollow Bars

When it comes to selecting hollow steel bar for your building projects, there are a number of factors you need to consider.
steel gusset plate

What Are Steel Gusset Plates?

Structural steel gusset plate is a type of steel that is most commonly used for strengthening steel members, like the columns in any building. The steel gusset plate has been around for a long time, but it was not until recently that manufacturers started using them for the construction industry.
brass rectangle

A Brass Rectangle Can Be Made Easy

The antique brass rectangle is a classic brass art object. It has been prized for centuries as an ornament in the homes of the wealthy and prominent families all over Europe.
aluminum unequal angle

Aluminum unequal-angle Welder Tips and Guidelines

Why should aluminum unequal angle welding be used instead of standard aluminum? The reason why is because aluminum is much more ductile than stainless steel, it is very hard wearing and it is also more resistant to corrosion.
welding hot rolled steel

How to Weld Hot Rolled Steel Without Dangers?

he process of welding hot rolled steel is known as MIG welding. The process differs from regular welding because the weld is done at a high temperature. During this process, welder feed rods are fed through an arc to melt the hot rolled steel (sometimes called "hot sheets"). In addition, welder torch is used to heat and bond the two pieces of steel together.