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steel gussets

Steel Gazebo Plans – A Unique Way to Enhance Landscapes

Steel gussets / pre-cut steel gussets provide an effective means to transfer forces during construction.
weld zinc plated steel

Why is welding plated steel so popular

Welded zinc coating has many uses and can be applied to a variety of metals, so it is very suitable for a wide range of projects. The ability to combine metals of different shapes and sizes makes this type of coating very suitable for the production of car bodies, pipe fittings, etc.
galvanized round tubing

Types Of Galvanized Round Tubing And Their Uses

Galvanized round tubing provides a protective barrier around threaded tube ends and fittings from rusting and acid etching. Galvanized round tubing is formed by an electrolysis process of galvanizing and then heating and straining the metal, usually aluminum, to thin, round wires.
6 inch aluminum channel

6 Inch Aluminum Channel

The 6 inch aluminum channel is one of the main building materials…
hex steel bars

What are the advantages of cold rolled ribbed hexagonal steel fabric in use

The application of hexagonal reinforcement is also quite extensive, which can be used for the laying of bridge deck and the reinforcement of building wall, cold drawn smooth round steel mesh, and can also be used in the fields of tunnel lining, box culvert, wharf floor, prefabricated components, etc.
4130 chromoly steel properties

4130 Chromoly Steel Properties

Chromoly steel has the ability to incorporate several useful alloy characteristics. Four different chromium alloys are used in the manufacture of tubing accessories for cars, boats, construction and so on. This metal is known as a high alloy steel. A number of characteristics of this alloy make it a preferred choice for many industries. They include its resistance to corrosion, its hardness, its superior strength and its cost effective properties.