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aluminum unequal angle

Aluminum unequal-angle Welder Tips and Guidelines

Why should aluminum unequal angle welding be used instead of standard aluminum? The reason why is because aluminum is much more ductile than stainless steel, it is very hard wearing and it is also more resistant to corrosion.
welding hot rolled steel

How to Weld Hot Rolled Steel Without Dangers?

he process of welding hot rolled steel is known as MIG welding. The process differs from regular welding because the weld is done at a high temperature. During this process, welder feed rods are fed through an arc to melt the hot rolled steel (sometimes called "hot sheets"). In addition, welder torch is used to heat and bond the two pieces of steel together.
copper flat stock

Where to Find the Best Flat Stock Plates For Less

Buying copper flat stock for sale at a copper home depot near you is one of the most affordable ways to own a piece of American history. Copper is one of the most durable metals and used in a variety of different industries including electronics, power tools, auto parts, military gear and more.
a588 steel plate

The Benefits of ABA Welding

A Transmission Belt is a combination of several elements to…
bulk copper

How to Build Bulk Copper Tubes

Bulk copper is a single metal wire (typically copper or tin), which has been individually crimped or drilled onto a copper bar.
hex bar stock

4140 Cold Drawn Steel hex Bar Stock For Your Industry

The 4140 hex steel was considered stronger than brass, hence the reason it became a common place fastener. All British made brass bound nuts and bolts are actually made with 4140 hex bars, not brass.