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How to Build Bulk Copper Tubes

Bulk copper is a single metal wire (typically copper or tin), which has been individually crimped or drilled onto a copper bar. Bulk copper is used to join wires to power supplies, to isolate components in different units from each other, to create different varieties of braided rugs, and even to bind electrical components together for greater efficiency. If you want to buy copper, bulk copper tubes are a great alternative.

There are a few different ways in which bulk copper tubes can be used. One method is to actually use bulk copper tubes to make your own insulated wire, with the insulated wire made directly onto the bulk copper tubes. This can be a rather tricky method and usually requires a fair amount of soldering skills to get it right. For those who are less skilled in this area bulk copper tubes can be purchased pre-made, pre-drilled and pre crimped. The downside to these bulk copper tubes is that they don’t look so nice, and there is nothing to stop you making them yourself!

Alternatively bulk copper tubes can be directly inserted into the earth’s core. This method obviously involves much more work, but is the most preferred method by far. The bulk copper is melted and extruded into the core, as opposed to being tied into place on a spool beforehand. At this point, it is necessary to drill quite a few holes in the earth, which again adds to the bulk copper tube cost, but also makes it easier to handle because the hole needed can be small and shallow. One thing to note before starting this process though – make sure that your drilling holes are not too deep that the bulk copper gets overheated and bursts.

Alternatively you can try to make your bulk copper tubes yourself. There are a number of tools out there which can help you to do this and the best thing about them is that it won’t cost you a penny! The tools required to build bulk copper tubes are pliers, wire cutters, soldering iron, copper tubing, wire and crimp. You may need to buy additional tools along the way, but you can get your bulk copper tubes made fairly easily. So now we can move on to the how-to-guide.

Before we get started, if you’ve never made a bulk copper tube before then it is better to practice on something else to get the feel of it. This is particularly important if you’re a complete beginner as you need to learn how to do the procedure correctly the first time. So what do we need for our bulk copper tube project? Well the first thing we need is the bulk copper tube. We can get bulk copper tubes at your local store, but if they are in bulk and have not been cut you will need to buy them from a supplier and this will usually be more expensive than buying in bulk.

Now onto the how-to guide. When you have all of your supplies together you will need to get a pair of wire cutter blades, crimp head, pliers and solder. The bulk copper tube should be between eight to twelve inches in length so measure it before you start. Now we are ready to make the bulk copper tube.

Take the wire cutter blade and wrap it around the bulk copper tube and then remove about an eighth of an inch from the bottom. Now take your new completed bulk copper tube and place it onto the soldering iron. Place the bulk copper tube over the iron and press down until you hear the solder snap. Then simply hold the bulk copper tube over the solder and iron until the solder bonds with the bulk copper tube. When the solder bond is firm and you see a small amount of solder fall out you are done.

Once you have your bulk copper tube completed you will need to find a location for storage. For safety measure, you should always cover the bulk copper tube with shrink wrap or some other protection. Remember, once the bulk copper tube is completed it is considered finished. No one need ever touch it again!

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