agricultural machinery

Definition of Agricultural Machinery

Agricultural machinery refers to various machinery used in the production process of crop planting and animal husbandry, as well as the initial processing and processing of agricultural and livestock products. Agricultural machinery includes agricultural power machinery, farmland construction machinery, soil tillage machinery, planting and fertilizing machinery, plant protection machinery, farmland irrigation and drainage machinery, crop harvesting machinery, agricultural product processing machinery, animal husbandry machinery and agricultural transportation machinery.

In a broad sense, agricultural machinery also includes forestry machinery, fishery machinery and rural sideline machinery such as sericulture, beekeeping, and edible fungus cultivation. Agricultural machinery is a relative concept, which refers to the general term for all machinery used in agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry and fishery. Agricultural machinery belongs to the category of agricultural machinery. The promotion of agricultural machinery is called agricultural mechanization.

Classification standard for agricultural machinery

Agricultural machinery is generally classified by purpose. Most of these machines are specially designed and manufactured according to the characteristics of agriculture and the special requirements of various operations, such as soil tillage machinery, planting and fertilizing machinery, plant protection machinery, crop harvesting machinery, animal husbandry machinery, and agricultural product processing machinery. The other part of agricultural machinery is commonly used in other industries, and can be directly selected according to the characteristics and needs of agriculture, such as agricultural power machinery, water pumps in farmland irrigation and drainage machinery, etc.; or these machinery can be designed as agricultural variants according to the characteristics and needs of agriculture, such as agriculture Agricultural vehicles and trailers in transportation machinery and soil and stone machinery in farmland construction machinery.

Agricultural machinery can also be classified according to the power used and its supporting methods. The power of agricultural machinery applications can be divided into two parts: one part is used for walking or moving agricultural machinery, which can be divided into manpower (hand-held, backpack, chest hanging and push-pull), animal traction, tractor traction, and power self-propelled types. ; The other part is used to drive the working parts of agricultural machinery, which can be divided into manpower (hand crank, pedal, etc.) drive, animal power drive, electromechanical power drive (using internal combustion engine, wind turbine, electric motor, etc.) and tractor drive. On the same agricultural machine, the two parts can use the same or different power. According to the matching method of agricultural machinery and tractor, it can be divided into traction, suspension and semi-suspension.

According to the operation method, agricultural machinery can be divided into two categories: walking operation and fixed operation. Among the agricultural machinery for walking operation, there are two types: the continuous walking type in which the operation is in continuous travel and the intermittent walking type in which the travel and the operation process alternate.

In the fixed operation of agricultural machinery, there are two types of movable type that can be transferred to the work site in non-operating state and non-removable type where the work site is always fixed.

According to the operating location, agricultural machinery is divided into field operations (fields, pastures, orchards, etc.), yard operations, indoor operations (factories, machine rooms, warehouses, greenhouses and livestock houses, etc.), and underwater or water operations (river, channel, reservoir, etc.) And wells, etc.), road operations and aviation operations.

Agricultural machinery classification

Power Machinery
Construction machinery: split trencher, rotary trencher, mouse plow, trenching and buried pipe machine, shoveling machine, water well drilling machine, shoveling machine.
Farming machinery: split plow, disc plow, chisel plow, rotary cultivator, disc harrow, spike harrow, paddy field harrow, press, field cultivator, combined machinery, orchard machinery.
Planting machinery: planter, planter, seeding machinery.
Protecting machinery: spraying equipment, powder spraying equipment, smoke spraying machine, powder spraying machine.
Drainage and irrigation machinery: water pumps, sprinkler irrigation equipment, drip irrigation equipment.
Harvesting machinery: grain combine harvester, cotton picker.
Processing machinery: grain processing, oil processing.
Animal husbandry machinery: pasture maintenance and improvement machinery, pasture management equipment, pasture and green fodder harvesting machinery, feed processing machinery, feeding management machinery.

Agricultural machinery manufacturing materials

Steel pipe and cold-formed steel
Alloy steel and low alloy steel
Hard alloy
Special cast iron
Powder metallurgy materials
Engineering plastics

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