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4140 Cold Drawn Steel hex Bar Stock For Your Industry

When you have a selection of hex stock and need a fastener that has a different look then a hex bar stock may be what you need. The hex stock comes in a variety of different sizes, including: British, American, and metric. Now you too can make British shaped nuts and bolts from the proper sized hex bar stock!

Originally hex bars were made from steel. They had been used as nails, but eventually they were used to fasten clothing seams. The 4140 hex steel was considered stronger than brass, hence the reason it became a common place fastener. All British made brass bound nuts and bolts are actually made with 4140 hex bars, not brass.

The tool is available in many different configurations. You can get a straight bar, or a tapered hex bar stock size with a hex nut guide. You can also buy a metric version that allows you to choose the units for measurements. You can choose the standard hex measurements (inches, mm, etc.) or the metric measurements (cm, mm, etc.)

The metric version is made with nickel free materials. The reason this is important is because nickel is used in everything from plating, to soldering, and corrosion resistance. If a product is to come in contact with corrosion resistant components then it would be a good idea to use a material that contains at least some nickel. This includes the fasteners that the tool comes with, like the hex nut guides and the measuring bar stock size. These types of fasteners all have the ability to rust if they are not treated with a rust-resistant substance. The additional feature of these fasteners is that the smaller the fastener, the more accurately the size can be measured.

Another aspect of these stainless steel hex bar stock trimmers is that they are very accurate. They use metric standards so the dimensions will always be correct and there is no question as to the size. Another feature that makes them especially useful is that the trimmer is made to be very straight and durable. It can cut through most anything without too much difficulty, including stainless steel wire, soft leather, fabric, and other materials.

All these features make hex bars excellent cutting tools and very popular in many applications. There are two different types of hex bars for sale on the market. They can be made out of stainless steels or alloyed zinc and aluminum. They can also be made out of chrome, copper, and brass. The best of these products are going to be made out of austenitic stainless steels which have excellent corrosion resistance and excellent holding power.

A hex bar manufacturer should have their own in-house design team to develop the best possible product. This team is usually made up of professionals who are all experienced in stainless steel bar designs. It is also a very good idea if the company has a design team that has worked on similar projects in the past. They can provide you with lots of ideas about what might work best.

Finding a company that can provide you with high quality 4140 hex bar stock is not easy to do though. A quick search on the Internet should give you plenty of options to choose from. Make sure you shop around as well to find the absolute best price. When buying this type of stock, be careful not to settle for stock that has been hyped. The better quality stock costs more but in the long run will be worth it.

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